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Debian Preseed Configuration

This Git repository contains a preseed configuration file (preseed.txt) that can be used to automate the installation of Debian on default machines. The preseed file is based on the official DebianInstaller/Preseed documentation, which can be found here.


To use this preseed configuration during installation, follow these steps:

  1. When the graphical installer boot menu appears, select the "Help" entry.
  2. You will get a generic help screen with a boot: prompt at the bottom.
  3. Type the following command, replacing the URL with the address to your preseed configuration file:
auto url=http://webserver/path/preseed.cfg

Preseed Configuration Details

The preseed configuration includes the following sections: Localization

Language: English (US) Country: Germany

Network Configuration

Automatically choose a network interface with a link.

Mirror Settings

Use manual mirror selection with `http.de.debian.org` as the mirror.

Account Setup

  • Set root password to `asdf`.
  • Create a user account with username `user` and password `asdf`. This user will belong to the groups: `audio`, `cdrom`, `video`, `sudo`.

Clock and Time Zone Setup

  • Hardware clock is set to UTC.
  • Time zone is set to `Europe/Berlin`.
  • NTP is enabled to sync the clock.


  • Automatically partition the disk with GPT label.
  • Use the `atomic` partitioning recipe (all files in one partition).

Base System Installation

  • Additional packages to install: `openssh-server`, `build-essential`, `sudo`, `git`, `iperf3`, `smartmontools`, `vim`, `curl`, `tree`, `rsync`, `systemd-timesyncd`, `neofetch`, `btrfs-progs`, `powertop`.

Boot Loader Installation

  • Grub is the boot loader.
  • Grub will be installed to the UEFI partition/boot record if no other operating system is detected.

Finishing Up the Installation

  • Avoid displaying the last message about the install being complete.
  • After installation, the system will halt (not reboot).

Advanced Options

  • Custom commands will be run after installation to set up SSH keys for the `user` account.

Custom Commands

The following custom commands will be executed during the installation:

mkdir -p /home/user/.ssh/
echo "sh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAIKqc9fnzfCz8fQDFzla+D8PBhvaMmFu2aF+TYkkZRxl9 tuan@genesis-2022-01-20" > /target/home/user/.ssh/authorized_keys
chown -R user:user /target/home/user/.ssh/
chmod 700 /target/home/user/.ssh/
chmod 600 /target/home/user/.ssh/authorized_keys

These commands will create an .ssh directory in the user's home directory, add an authorized SSH key, and set the appropriate permissions.

Feel free to customize this preseed configuration to suit your specific requirements.